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10 % (Ten Percent) of all MOOLAMe profits are donated to the MOOLAMe Foundation for the direct benefit of MOOLAMe Franchisees and their Direct Family Members. Direct Family is described as Legal Spouse, Own and legally Adopted Children and Own and legally Adopted Parents.

Once a Franchisee has been active for a minimum of 12 months or more the Franchisee may apply for financial assistance from the Foundation.

Financial assistance will be in the form of Grant or an interest free loan and will depend on the nature of the application and the contribution the Franchisee has made to MOOLAMe.

The Foundation has 3 objectives:


This means that it is possible that through the MoolaMe Foundation your children’s Primary, Secondary School and university or college fees can be sponsored through a Moola Me Foundation grant or interest free loan depending on the nature of your application.

Special Medical needs.

Special Medical needs are defined as extra-ordinary medical expenses that are not covered by Government hospitals or your medical aid.

Every application is judged on its own merits and it also depends on what funding is available within the Foundation at the time. The Foundation Management team will use their best discretion to allocate funding to requests and there is no guarantees of any funding.

Community Impact Projects.
Community impact projects are projects that can make a difference to a specific community eg. A rural community that that does not have electricity or flushing toilets or a school or a clinic as an example.
Franchisees can identify such opportunities and apply for funding to bring about change in communities.

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